NABK events

Dates for your diary.

Saturday the 4th of December 

Candle making 

This is a reminder of a candle making session followed by the Christmas Social on Saturday the 4th December at 2pm in the Clay Lane Clubhouse.

If you wish to bring along some food or drink as a contribution this will be well received.

We are hoping to do some talks this coming year at our Clay Lane clubhouse please look back here as this page will be updated when I have more info.

New Dates for your dairy 

The venue for these talks is our clay lane clubhouse 

January the 8th at 2pm there will be a talk from Claire Densley and Martin Hann from Buckfast abbey bee keepers this talk will be on swarming.

February the 5th at 2pm there will be a talk by Glynn on eggs 

Date to be arranged Steve Clark will be doing a frame and box making session at 2pm feel free to bring your own frames.